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Book recommendations

The book by Pierce (available from the library) is strongly recommended as it covers a broad range of (operational) semantics and typing in a modern and widely praised manner. Some of the lectures will follow the book. The Haskell book by Hutton (available from the library) may not be needed for students with existing background in functional programming, or with access to another introduction to functional programming (with Haskell). In fact, the lecture and the lab may just provide enough material and pointers to suffice without a book on Haskell. Students who want to study Haskell more systematically and who are generally in favor of learning from books should consider this recommendation though. The book by Nielson and Nielson (available online [.pdf]) is recommended as it provides some general overview on formal semantics approaches and illustrations of the use of formal semantics. Some of the lectures will follow the book.

Further reading